Major migration issues


  • MAJOR ISSUE: DNS records are not migrated from cpanel like say MX records. Which is making so uncomfortable while migrating several accounts.
  • MAJOR ISSUE: Email accounts created in cpanel are not migrated for all accounts (main domain and secondary domains). The data too missed, which is most important one.
  • MAJOR ISSUE: Addon Domains: it the account has an addon domain, then is not propagating well. a. Under siteworx, after changing to addon(secondary) domain and on using filemanager it is not showing any file buy a link to html folder. On clicking on it, it returns permissions error.


  • Was anything ever figured out with these things? I’m dealing with these issues as well which is making it very difficult and time consuming to migrate from cPanel. Out of the three issues posted, #2 is causing the most headache since all emails would have to be manually migrated.

    Sorry for the lack of communication on this thread – we’ve been working with chaladi through the support system. The updated cPanel importer will be included in the next hotfix release, but if you’d like it sooner, just open up a support ticket: