Manual Update TinyDNS

I would like to offer my customers the ability to add & modify DNS A records for their subdomains.

For example, I own but I want to have to point to some other server at which is not an interworx box. This seems like it should be a trivial matter in the DNS world, but I have never messed with TinyDNS (or any dns for that matter) & don’t want to screw up anything with interworx.

I see the records in mysql in the dns_records table. It seems easy enough to add a new record & zone, but how do I reload the DNS? I assume it doesn’t do live reads from mysql for every lookup.


William Piper

Hi William,

The zones are updated automatically as a part of the InterWorx cron scripts. Off the top of my head, I believe that it’s a part of the fifteenly cron script which runs under the iworx user. Thus, your zones are automatically updated every fifteen minutes with your changes.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile: