Many repeated problems

I have last version IW on CentOS 6.x with some unresolved problems. Interworx support dont know how to repair it!!!

  1. Web Server - after some time when some updates are installed and Apache need restart. After this restart httpd can not be restarted, because some httpds are still alive. Command “strace -f -s500 …” not work on these freezed processes.
  2. Some times I have problems with spamming. On server are no viruses or mallware. This is one DNS example: “Received-SPF: pass ( SPF record at designates as permitted sender)”
  3. IW Nodeworx and Siteworx account list for example - very very slow answer - 10-30s!!! They dont know why!

Hi standus

Many thanks, but personally I do not see those issues on any of our servers, and we have hundreds of websites from clients and resellers, which some are very heavy sites

As you have posted IW support have already had a look, I assume you mean IW support has a remote access to your server. Apologies as it is not clear.

My thought of what maybe going wrong, is a failing hard drive or hardware

Many thanks


Hi John,

my server is SUN x4150, HW RAID 6, 32GB RAM, etc. By me, my server is OK.
I am not system admin, I am only web developer.
I bought new VPS server with SSD drives for migrate and speed up delivery web content.
I installed last version of Apache due http2, MySQL 5.7.12 and I have next another problems described in your ticket system. My plan was migrate in 2 days of this week, but its again gone due problems of new version services.

What I see is very very simple. Your teams dont experiments with new technologies, new versions of softwares/services, you dont garantee anything except old default unsupported packages like old PHP, old MySql, old Apache, etc…, otherwise I would not have any problem.
Dont forget that now is age which is very very fast, and when you will sleep, you will be dead!
Sorry, but you need new guy/blood in your team which will help you to be on the speed wave of this age.
Dont forget that today everything is going very fast, changes are from day to day, and you have to be in. Otherwise stop developing.
I want for my customers new technologies, new things, new ideas, and not old things.

Why you dont have own repositories for other versions of stafs. I know that it could be hard, but you will get more customers when they will see you will support them more. Now I have to use other repositories and I dont like it.

Thank you

Hi stan

Many thanks for showing your old server

I hope you don’t mind but

I do not work for IW,
I am not connected to IW in any financial or commercial relationship

I understand what your saying, but our production and test servers all use latest versions of php MySQL etc… Well the versions we chose to use ie php 56, MySQL 5.5 ioncube, curl etc… However, I am aware that MySQL is v5.7(community) and php7, but we have reasons for using our choices, and not every latest version is better then old version, but I digress sorry.

IW do have their own repos, and all Linux systems use third party repos, eg centos is red hat, and it does not bother me that we use third party repos, as long as you trust the repo

I am not saying IW do not have issues, but there certainly one of the best support I have seen in many years, they do not promise to resolve issues, but they certainly try, and in 4 years, have always corrected any issues or bugs I have had.

Also, it is impossible to test against all distros, with to many hardware to cater for, so as any commercial company, concentrate on certain distros.

I hope you realise now, that I am not interworx, just a user with paid licenses, posting my experiences, whilst tying to help others where I can, but I do not always get it right, but thankfully there’s a good number of users on here who correct me. It’s how we learn

I think your sounding a little frustrated at the moment, but please be patient and I’m sure IW will resolve for you

Many thanks


Some MySQL changes was announced 1 year ago:
and it means that IW was never tested on MySQL 5.7 ?

Hi standus

Many thanks, but neither were cpanel, and even perconna has issues with 5.7

Also, similar, php 7 works but not with IW or any other software which needs ioncube loaders, as the ioncube loaders are not available yet from ioncube

All the above will be currently been worked on to fix, and it’s not 1 company to blame, it’s just how it is

Many thanks