Mass change Manage IPs

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I use CPanel v5. Can someone tell me is it any way to migrate all domains from 1 IP to other . I have spam attack and need urgently to migrate . Until now i can do it only one by one via " Manage IPs " of domain but this is crazy

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Umm… Changing IPs is not really a solution for DDOS attacks.
Are you running Mod_Evasive?
Considered running something like Atomic Secured Linux?

Changing IPs is a stopgap solution at best. What account is affected? is the attack against a specific account, or all of them?
Might one of your accounts have been compromised, and someone is using that account to attack others?

And by the way, This is the interworx forum, I don’t think you will find many people being able to help you with cPanel here, I recommend going to their forum.


I hope you don’t mind but I was thinking about this since I read it, and it is unclear if the spam issue is an outgoing or incoming issue.

If it is incoming spam issue, you can set up RBL, system services, mail service, MTA, which should help, and I mention this to help other users who may have spam incoming issues (we use a number of RBL) and you can also setup spam assassin to cover, global or individual.

If it is an outgoing issue, as Evanion has stated, you are likely to be compromised, and the logs would initially help to narrow the compromised account(s).

I am sorry if I have repeated what Evanion has stated, but I just wanted to include the RBL and Spam Assassin features.

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Thanks Evanion
Yes I know is it not solution but i need way quick to react until problem was fixed. That’s why need to move quickly as possible to new range so other clients do not affect from problem.

probably has some misunderstanding , cPanel i mean Control Panel not cPanel … I use interworx v5 only on my servers + CentOS

Thanks d2d4j
my main question is it any way quick to migrate from one IP to other in Interworx CP v5 or just 1 by one sound me crazy

Hi Foxy202

I’m sorry but I am not clear if your issue is incoming or outgoing, and as Evanion has said, if outgoing, you need to resolve the issue first before changing IP or at least identify and stop the outgoing or you will very quickly be blacklisted again.

I hope you don’t mind, but I would think to mass change IP, you would need to create a query to mass change IP from 1 to another within DNS database. This though, may cause downtime on all your domains, depending upon DNS cache etc where they may already be cached.

I have though, thought of an easier solution to your issue perhaps, (thinking it is an outgoing issue you have), where you leave your current setup with the current IP, but also setup another IP but you then use the new IP as the mail sender for global sending.

This would overcome your issue whilst you resolved all your issues and cleaned your current IP.

If you think this is a good idea, please see this forum post

Also, please remember if you do change your IP, you will need to update the license with interworx (log into your interworx account at interworx and change your server IP) but if using my idea, you would not need to I don’t think.

I hope that helps you or gives you more ideas

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Hi Foxy202

I’m sorry, I also meant let you know in case you didn’t, that you would also need to ensure RDNS was setup on the new IP, and change your MTA to reflect the RDNS.

Please see the following for how to do this

I’m sorry if I am repeating anything you already knew

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Hi, guys!

Regarding migrating accounts from IP address to IP address, it’s a thing that’s due out in the next update. Wherever it ends up (my guess is ~iworx/bin, but double check that after it comes out), it’ll be ‘migrate-ip.pex’. From what I’ve seen so far, running it on its own gives guided usage. My impression is that it’ll be a very useful tool when need for it arises.

So, stay tuned for InerWorx 5.0.13!

Just for the record, I’ve just run ~iworx/bin/migrate-ip.pex and it has done the work perfectly! INCREDIBLE job by the Interworx team!!! :wink:

Sometimes u cant change your ip ;/