Mass Import SSH error

I’m working on a move from one VPS to another. (I currently have a temp license for the server I’m moving to.)

In attempting to use the Mass Import tool, I’m getting the error “Unable to connect over SSH”.

I’ve checked at double checked login credentials root and pw are correct. I’ve now changed the root on the source server and still getting the error.

Not sure where to go on this - and I don’t see any other reference to this error on the forum on anywhere else.

Any ideas?

Hi everettmarshall

This looks like a firewall issue, ie blocking or ssh not running.

Can you confirm if you can ssh into server from your computer and also that root has not been disabled or set to use user and su root.

Many thanks


RESOLVED: The remote server (transferring FROM) has a “forced” pw change after resetting the PW through the CP. That VPS had not had the root PW changed after the reset so there must be some sort of lockdown until PW is changed again via CLI. That’s why it wouldn’t connect.