Mass Import Tool --> Failure

I have moved 30 websites without any problems using the Mass Import Tool.

Now I am trying to move a site that is 2,4 GB but the tool says “Failure”.

There is no cause given for the failure.

The site has a couple of secondary domains and a few emailaccounts.

I have moved a small site as well, but that has no problems.

Forgot to mention:
I am moving from one Interworx server to another Interworx server.

Is the partition that /tmp is on big enough to take the backup file, un tar it and then deal with moving it?

I have 18 GB free space.

Does the mass import tool tar the file before moving it to the new server and un tar it there?

Yes, it’ll run the ‘normal’ backup routine on the old server, then transfer it to the new server, then run the ‘normal’ restore procedure.
The difference being the ability to set a number of imports off in one go and monitor their progress.

Does it need a lot of RAM to do this (on both servers)?

The tool also GZIPs the tar before sending it over. The gzip operation means you need enough space for the tar+gzip while the gzip file is being generated. This is often where the disk space failure occurs since often the gzip compression will only compress the file by a couple hundred megs and thus you need enough free space for essentially the disk usage of the siteworx account X2.

Having more memory will improve the performance of tar/gzip but it won’t necessarily cause failure unless you have abysmally low memory and the OS is running out of swap space.