Mass import user, not root?

Is it possible to use a user other than root to do mass transfers? What groups/etc does the user need to be part of?


The only users who can use the import script (~iworx/bin/import.pex) at the CLI are root and the iworx user (though root is recommended).

From the GUI, only NodeWorx users have the ability to use the mass transfer tool.

It is not possible for SiteWorx users to use any import tools, either at the command line, or the GUI.

Friendly Neighborhood InterWorx Support Manager

What about using a different SSH user on the remote machine? ie, migrating server 1 --> server 2. On server 2 I need to enter an SSH user to log into server 1. Do I have to use root for that SSH user?


Yes, the credentials for the source server that are submitted for the mass transfer tool in NodeWorx must be the root user and password.