Mass Import

I have to admit that this article is very helpful regarding mass imports:

However, the process it self seems to not be happening for me.

I started a transfer yesterday at about 1300 and here it is 0530 the next day and nothing has happened.

Any ideas?

What panel are you mass importing? From another InterWorx machine? or machine using another panel?


I guess I should have mentioned that.

It’s InterWorx to InterWorx and from the looks of things Box A isn’t letting Box B connect.

Disregard the connection problem. However, I stopped the transfer and am trying to import an account with nothing (0 MB) of data in it and that’s been going on for 10 minutes now.

It looks as if the data bursts are incredibly slow and infrequent. Almost as if to not disrupt service.

I’m not sure why someone doing a mass transfer would want that. Is there a fix?

Hi Oaf,

I believe what you are seeing are the account transfers. This is how a mass import works.

  • In the first step, you provide the information to connect to the remote server.
  • Once you click submit, the remote server is queried for the accounts on the box
  • From this list, you choose which accounts you’d like to transfer
  • After you’ve chosen the accounts you’d like to transfer, InterWorx will begin transferring them over and importing them, one at a time, before moving on to the next.

So, the bursts you are seeing are the transfer of one account from the remote server, the importing that one account, then moving on to the next. It’s really not to disrupt service, it just made the most sense to do one at a time, rather than download all the backups first (as some may be quite large) before doing any importing. However, as always, we’re open to suggestions/discussion. :slight_smile:

Are you still having issues importing, or is everything settled now?


Oh yea, I’m still having issues. This feature might as well not even exist right now. It’s stupid slow. That one empty account is still being transferred and it started after my first post here today.

Oh… When I said bursts I meant 4K or less and by infrequent I meant maybe once every five minutes or longer.

No, it definitely should not take that long. Please open a ticket, and we’ll check out the problem.


I don’t have a login to do that apparently.


You shouldn’t need a login to submit a support ticket. You can go to the following url and clicking on the Submit a Ticket link.



Ticket in.

Thanks, Dustin.

So where did you wind up moving to Oaf?

No where yet. The Mass Import function has made this task more difficult than raising a child.

Not my children :frowning:

Well… Thanks to the hard work of Dustin early this morning all of the data went through. I gave him some helpful input regarding the entire process and I just wanted to remind everyone that I moved data centers but I kept the control panel due to its superior features and the InterWorx support team.

I can attest that the new server is now taking in visitors and clients as the world updates its DNS records (it wouldn’t have happened without the InterWorx team).

Sure, I’ll have some minor bugs and kinks to work out (I already have a ticket open with SixApart). But, InterWorx appears to be good to go.


To answer your question I moved to Steadfast Networks and Sago will soon be a distant memory (I can’t wait until Monday).

I just finished moving my sites over to Steadfast from Sago too :rolleyes: I still have one site to go, but its a very heavy PHP site and want to do some more testing before making it offical on the new server. Even though its the same PHP/MySQL for some reason I noticed some minor problems with other sites after moving.

I’m loving my 100 Mbit port at no extra cost. I will be writing a full review on my Steadfast move when I get some more time.

Congrats on the new server!