Mass Updating DNS entries

Hello all,

I have a client who uses Interworx who has around 300 sites on his DNS.

He has asked me to update the IP addresses on most of these site from an old IP to a new IP.

My question: What is the quickest way of doing this?

Possible options I can think of:

  1. I could hand edit each one via the Interworx control panel. This is do-able, but would take quite a long time!

  2. I could use the Interworx API to update them, but then I have the overhead of writing an testing a script, which I’m yet to investigate.

I know Iworx doesn’t use zone files, but perhaps there’s a way of accessing where they are stored in the Interworx filesystem and updating them directly?

Hi sim79

Sorry I missed this post

There is an iWorx pex to change IP address for all or I believe stipulated siteworx

When I?m back I?ll look it up as it?s not something I use regularly sorry

Many thanks


It turns out that there weren’t as many DNS entries as first though, so I simply hand-edited them via the control panel.

I’ll take a look at the pex you mentioned for future reference. Thanks for the tip.