Messages : " **WARNING** This control panel license will expire "

[B]Hi Interworx team,

Whe I go to Nodeworx, I’ve this message :


WARNING This Control panel license will expire in : 8 hours 7 minutes 42 seconds

[B]But when I go to my license renew date is 2006/08/01. What’s the problem ?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Why do you post this in a Public Forum :confused:
Just create a Support Ticket with all your information in it and thats all.
They are always fast with responding on your Ticket.

Oups, sorry I’ve forgotten the support by ticket :confused:

Why do you post this in a Public Forum

Possibly because this issue can be caused for a small number of reasons, possibly, but not limited to, a DNS issue. We have had exactly the same issue on one of our boxes, and if there was a post in the forums relating to checking DNS config, I would have not had to have contacted the Iworx boys. The forums are here for discussion amongst Iworx uses, and the conversations produced are more often than not, absolutely invaluable.

I just asked that because he had not that much time to wait, I thought it was the best option to contact the support before he gets more problems.

I only wan’t help him not to say what to do or not on the forum. :frowning: