Migration for CentOS 5

Ok so, I’ve decided to use the PHP4 EOL as an excuse to migrate some accounts to currently running on CentOS 4 with PHP/MySQL 4 to some “beefier” servers running CentOS 5 and InterWorx.

However, while trying to do a mass transfer via NodeWorx, it simply gives off a failed error when trying to connect to the remote server. Ironically, If I do a single account transfer, it actually restores the backup from the CentOS 4 machine but never shows the success page. My guess is that there is some sort of compatibility issue with transferring from CentOS 4 -> CentOS 5 via InterWorx (both with the mass transfer and single transfer options). Any comments from the developers about this, with a possible ETA for a resolution?

I’ve postponed my migration for the time being until a mass transfer solution is available, so there isn’t really much of a rush at this time.


The only issue I can think of is that the MySQL import may not be happy with the mismatch in MySQL versions, otherwise there shouldn’t be any B/R issues between CentOS4 and CentOS5.

Open a ticket with all related information (root and NodeWorx logins for both boxes, which accounts you tried to transfer, what IPs they should be on, etc). Everything we need to know so we can test it out.


I had an error and it was b/c I forgot I had disabled direct root login via SSH. Once I enabled it the Mass Import was able to connect.