Migration from Cobalt RaQ

I’m preparing to migrate from a Cobalt RaQ4 to a new server with InterWorx. (I’m actually moving from two RaQs to the one new box). I’m asking for any advice to make this transition as fast and easy as possible. A step-by-step, including shortcuts, would be awesome.


-My data center is letting me keep the same IP addresses.
-RaQ sites are found in, ‘/home/sites’
-Actual site names are like, ‘site5’
-RaQ MySQL is in, ‘/home/mysql’

If you are kind enough to respond with suggested procedures, please include specific commands as my Linux knowledge has limits.



What’s your timeline for doing this? The step-by-step is going to be laborious and depending on how “easy” the RAQ backup format is we may be able to construct an importer for you. If you could open a ticket and include a sample backup file from one of the sites we can check it out.



That would be amazing. I’m shooting to make the move in early June. I will open a ticket and send you some sample files.

Thank you,