Hi all

Well I am new to Interworx, but I have found the control panel and the support to be second to none.

A few weeks ago I was asked about hosting a Minecraft server for gaming, the idea sounded good, so I went about working how and what to do. I did not went to host the Minecraft game server on our web server but give it its own server.

The issues I had was I was already running port 80 in the router for the web server, so I could not host the website on the Minecraft server. The game only needs to see a port number, which is a easy fix, as I can port game connection to any port on the network I like and point them to the correct server.

The way I got around this, was to install CentOS 6.5 and Interworx on the Minecarft server. I then install the main website (Concrete 5 and Muiltcraft - still being built) on the web server but have the MySQL (for the gaming data) pointing at the Minecraft server.

This way I can run the website off the web server and leave the Minecraft server just for the game. I will build and interface on the website that will show the state of the server, the current number of players etc.

I am sure other may have an other way of doing this, but for us its working well.

I used the following software…

CentOS 6.5
Muiltcraft - gaming server
Concrete 5

Now to test the game…


Shall be interested to hear how this goes!

Please do let us all know.


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Hi Brendan

I hope you don’t mind, as I have to quote a cost for a trial on minecraft for 75+ users, running minecraftedu.

What are your estimated users and what are the server specs

I have already done some research and it looks as though for my quote if accepted, would need a decent server, but as it’s a trial, if all went well, there could possibly be in excess of 1500 users.

I’d appreciate any of your thoughts

Many thanks


Hmmm. Interesting - I’ve been working on developing an MCMyAdmin plugin for SiteWorx that would enable MC admins to log into a SiteWorx account to control their instance, leaving InterWorx to handle access control and so forth. I’ll be interested to see your solution, though!

Mind keeping us updated with your results?

That is all! :slight_smile:

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We were running a MC server on one of our interworx servers using bukkit.
But we had to close it down since MC servers seem to be prime targets for attacks…
Our DC asked us to remove it since they have had big issues in the past. Even if we had systems to handle the attacks… they would still affect the DC itself.

Hi Evanion

I hope your well

That doesn’t sound good re attacks, sorry. Please could I ask if they DDos or in general what type of attack.

I have to quote for a trial of MC using the clients MCedu, and the client want to be able to control MC themselves.

I will ask the question though if we can lockdown to specific ip access, but I’m thinking the client wants the users to access out of school hours as well.

Also, I have tried MC and to be honest, I cannot see the appeal of the game myself, sorry.

Many thanks