Missing CSS on Site Disabled Page


I have some problems with the default Site Disabled page. The iworx-error.css is missing, the apache return 404.

The HTML is:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml">
    <title>Site Disabled</title>
    <link rel="stylesheet" media="screen" href="../iwx-error.css"/>
    <div id="wrapper">
      <div id="content">
        <div id="content-inside">
          <div id="bigx">
          <h1>This Site Has Been Disabled</h1>
          <h2>Contact your service provider for more information.</h2>

Hi Vrnagy

I hope your well

I have had a quick look on our system, and the missing css file should be shown in this area, /usr/local/interworx/var/errors

I hope it helps

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Hi Johsn,

Thanks for the reply. The file exists in /usr/local/interworx/var/errors, but not exists in apache environment, maybe caused by some missing apache configuration?
I did not changed any apache related configuration on the server.

After some research, i found the root of the problem.
In the apache config the disabled site’s document root is /home/interworx/var/errors/disabled but in that directory, there is no iwx-error.css and apache can’t handle the …/iwx-error.css link to the main directory.
Maybe a quick fix is a symbolic link.

Hi Robert

Good point, and I just tested in our server and it does not appear to use the iw error.css file either.

I’m thinking ahead a little here, so sorry if I’m wrong, but if symlinked, and the future updates from IW are installed, but let’s say they move the CSS file, would that not cause a reverse failure if using symlinked.

Perhaps a better idea would be to move the CSS folder into the disabled folder, and tweak the php on the disabled file, which should work I think, and I’ll email Mr T about this, so it can be corrected on future updates.

I hope this makes sense and I’m sorry if I’m wrong, I was just thinking ahead and how it might be affected, as symlinked files or folders could easily be forgotten they exist.

Many thanks


This might file as a bug.

I know we ended up just combining all of the CSS (and base encoded images) into the HTML file for the SKEL-placeholder-new-site-file.

This simplified the amount of files for a new domain and made stuff more clean.

D2’s got the fastest solution with the least headache for now.

If you’d like me to combine the error HTML + Images + CSS in to a single file for you as a temporary fix, I’d be happy to.

But I’ll look into this today.

This problem still exist.

I have same question and didn’t get satisfied solution.

Hi Blindhawk

Welcome to IW forums

Iw is in process of changing so this may not apply in future versions.

Iworx-trevor no longer works for IW, which is a shame as he was very knowledgable

Many thanks