Mobile Email Access / Horde Admin User


We are rolling out Vario II phones to our staff members, and as part of this, we want to give our staff and customers a mobile interface to their emails on our Interworx servers.

After some reading, it seems that Hordes own ‘MIMP’ (Mobile Internet Messaging Program) should do the job.

As such, I’ve got a couple of questions;

  1. Do any of you guys currently use a Mobile webmail interface, and have any prference?

  2. Has anyone installed MIMP and are Iworx planning on including it as ‘default’ in future Iworx versions.

  3. In the installation it says ‘You must login to Horde as a Horde Administrator to finish the configuration of MIMP.’ Does anyone have any idea on how to access this on an Iworx box?

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Okay, slight advance on this :smiley:

We’ve sorted out an Administrator user with a bit of poking, however the configuration screen for the mimp module requires domxml in PHP, however of course this is the Interworx install of PHP, which we aren’t going to start messing with.

Hopefully Iworx will support mimp in a minor release soon - or perhaps someone is already using it has a sample conf.php file they wish to share :wink: