Mod_security 2.6.X not working on iworx + cause


I don’t know if other people here tried to install mod_security 2.6.x on an Iworx box (RHEL 6). But it seems there is an issue. When executing for example the Joomla or Magento installer the page will load for ever and you will see a httpd process eating all your CPU.

After diving into the problem I came to the conclussion that this is because the Iworx httpd version is using the bundled version of APR (v1.4.5). And Redhat (6) has 1.3.9 APR version installed. When installing the mod_security rpm on a CLEAN Redhat machine it does work flawless.

So my question: are there more people who can confirm this issue? And is it wise (for Iworx) to compile apache with the bundled APR version instead the one from the OS?

I installed latestModSecurity 2.6.5 and had the same problem, the CPU load surged to super high levels and had to disable it again.
We used the basic recommended configuration that comes with the package

I wonder what version should be installed that is compatible with Interworx, and what s the proper procedure to install in an Interworx server?

Thanks to all for your help.


It seems mod_security version 2.5.12 is the one to use with Interworx

I followed instructions here:
and all is working fine now.