Modernbill API Plugin

I’ve had some discussions with the modernbill guys and they say that Interworx are the ones who provided the plugin for this functionality.

Is this the case? If so I would really like to know how to get it setup so I can do billing for customers who go over their usage as well as our invoices that go out now showing that customer has had no usage at all.

So what’s the real deal here? Did Interworx write it, or did MB?

Additionally, Interworx isn’t listed as a panel module in MB5 which is currently in beta.


Should we change to a different billing system? What does everyone else use?

Yes, we authored the v4 mod and will author a v5 mod as well (it’s already under development). We haven’t submitted the mod to them yet and I’m assuming that’s why we’re not listed, but it’ll be there.