Modernbill getting internal IP from server vice external.

Could not find the answer for this so here it is.

My system is set up with internal IP’s with a 1 to 1 relationship with public IP’s on the NAS. Everything is working well with the exception of modernbill integration. Modernbill creates the domains properly but the Interworx program is sending back the internal IP of the machine. The following lines are from the modernbill welcome email.

IP Address:

Thank you.

In NodeWorx, go to the IP management page. Find the IP in the table listing. Under the column “External IP (For DNS)”, enter the public IP that is mapped to that internal IP. Commit the changes.

See if that fixes the problem.


The public IP is already set up that way.

Please open a ticket with the root and NodeWorx login information to your box, as well as steps to reproduce the problem.


Thank you, ticket has been submitted.