Modifying php.conf

Hi all,

I’ve modified file /etc/httpd/conf.d/php.conf to add support for .phtml extension. Is this the right place to do this kind of change (just added PHP handler for this extension and added index.phtml to the DirectoryIndex)?

Because I do not know which files are overwritten by iworx-cp and which are resistant to any changes (not only by control panel, but also automatic updates etc.), I am a bit afraid some day I might find some of my sites not functioning properly.

I’ve been looking for a list of files which it is safe to modify (i.e. modifications persists everything), but I wasn’t successfull. If there’s this kind of list somewhere, please, point me there.

Thank you,

I dont know of a list that Interworx overwrites, however from my own experience, I would leave (unless I knew what I was doing) anything in /home/interworx but everything else should be ‘modifyable’ from the command line.

I believe Iworx reads the files in ‘live’ so any changes you make to the main httpd conf file, for instance would show up in your Web Server management page. The changes you have highlighted are perfectly reasonable and i would go as far as to say nothing would overwrite them (possibly a recompile of PHP but that would be done manually by you anyway).

You can even edit /etc/httpd/conf.d/<domain>.conf files, as long as you dont edit between the lines it says not to edit between :wink:

Hope this helps.

EverythingWeb is right on all counts here. You are free to edit just about any file outside of /home/interworx as we’ve tried to isolate the InterWorx-CP dependencies to that area. We read files as needed to update InterWorx-CP’s internal state as to how the system looks so editing the main httpd.conf is fine as well as EverythingWeb points out.


This is what I hoped for, thanks for making it clear.