Modifying virtual host configuration for one specific site?

In a NodeWorx + SiteWorx setup, Is there any way to modify the VirtualHost entry for one specific hosted site? I know where to find the vhosts files, but since they’re automatically generated, wouldn’t any edits made by hand be overwritten the next time the SiteWorx account profile is modified? Or is there a spot in the vhosts file where such changes can safely be inserted?

(To anticipate the obvious recommendation, for security reasons, the specific settings that need to be tinkered with cannot be exposed via AllowOverride, so doing it in an .htaccess file in the site’s document root folder is right out.)

Hi David

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What is it that your trying do, and what is it your afraid of with htaccess been exposed (to who exactly)

In any event, if you edit the vhost file, you will see where not to change and normally any changes outside of the do not edit warnings are retained

As an example, you could change the SSL ciphers

Just a precautionary warning, not knowing exactly what your trying change, some changes could cause an unexpected result and stop Apache from restarting

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Ah, so anything outside the flagged blocks in the site-specific vhosts files will be retained if even the file in question is later regenerated due to tinkering with the pointer domains via the SiteWorx CP and such? Good to know - thanks!

In response to your question, it’s a shared hosting environment where one particular site needs to have one specific mod_security rule tinkered with, due to using a WordPress file management plugin whose normal operation pings as suspicious. Naturally we don’t want to expose the mod_security settings via .htaccess, as then every site in that environment would be able to edit their mod_security rules (including potentially disabling mod_security entirely, which some of the smarter classes of WordPress malware have been known to do).