Modules Garden DNS Manager for WHMCS with Interworx Sub Module

Hi Again,

In addition to the other module, 8Dweb sponsored development for a sub module to the excellent Modules Garden DNS Manager.

There were two options, 1) change and extend the Interworx-Extended Module to handle DNS for Interworx OR 2) sponsor a sub-module to let DNS Manager handle it (and thus have regular updates).

We chose the latter.

If you are interested in using WHMCS as the front-end to your Interworx Sales, but need better options for your customers, check out the DNS Manager with Interworx SubModule.

Simply contact Modulesgarden.

Please do not contact 8Dweb, we have no further role than the sponsorship.

8Dweb has been frustrated for years at the lack of decent customer/billing portal support for Interworx. We are simply happy a 3rd party has come along with some excellent integration tools.


  • Matt

A quick word of clarification is in order. While we indeed are very proud to be working on slick integration between our DNS Manager For WHMCS module and InterWorx, the component responsible for that very connection has not been yet rolled out. The project is in its final stage and the InterWorx submodule will be introduced to the public officially in the coming update of DNS Manager For WHMCS that is due in the next two weeks. Stay tuned!

We are heartily pleased to officially announce the inclusion of InterWorx into the wide group of DNS servers supported by our DNS Manager For WHMCS! You are more than welcome to access the module for free and evaluate all its ingenious features in your own environment!