Monthly Stats

Hey Again,

I notice that some of my SiteWorx accounts are only keeping stats data for AWstats, Analog, etc. for only for the last 24 hours (besides the real-time graphs and monthly bandwidth records) but i’m wondering how it is possible to keep records going rather than removing them daily. Some of the other SiteWorx accounts are doing this fine, but the issue is that a few of my clients use these records in order to show their clients the growth of their websites in terms of traffic, hits, etc. I figure that it might be in iworx.conf, but I’m not sure which line would trigger it and didn’t find any mention of this on the forums.

I think we got this handled via a ticket right Alex?


Yeah, I posted this before opening the ticket as there was no response on the forums. It’s solved now.

Not to hijack this closed thread (well… yes, I do intend to hijack it), but I’m having a similar (the same?) issue with Analog.

There’s no way (that I can tell) to view weekly or monthly stats for Analog. In my siteworx panels, Analog presents a calendar with a selection box for Daily, Weekly or Monthly. Daily works fine - the individual days are links that go to that day’s stats. But setting it to weekly or monthly does nothing beyond removing the daily links. How do I get those stats?



I’ve spot checked some of our boxes here and it seems to be working on them ok. Can you go back a month or 2 and see if it ever worked on your box?