More Language Packs

there is planned another languages packs like spanish?

Yes, more language packs are coming. We’re working with another organization to dramatically increase our language offerings, but we have NO ETA on that.

Alternatively, if you are versed on both english and spanish you can make the translation yourself. Socheat can give you info help you out with that. We do ask that any new translations made be shared with the community as Pascal has with French.


Do you have a Portuguese-br language file?

I’m working hard on the Spanish translation, but I don’t have much time. At the moment I have like 60% of it ocmpleted. Most of the basic commands are translated. If anyone wants to help, just drop me a line!


There is any partnership for translations? Like special licence?

No answer?!

Yes, there are winger. We will provide a free one-time license to anyone who provides a language file which we don’t already support.


Hi Chris,

Thats great, i would like to work in a portuguese(Brazil) file if you want.

Just tell me where i can get the file to translate.


Please e-mail socheat -at- and he will get you all the necessary files winger.