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Currently we’re running Plesk.

We’re doing away with Plesk because #1 Sw-Soft is a bunch of greedy <insert bad word here>.

I’ve setup a temp server to move our existing customers over to Interworx from Plesk.

This server isn’t as robust as our Dell 1600s, it’s basically just a desktop PC pretending to be a server :wink: Our dell is all decked out with 2 Xeon Processors, 4GB of ram, LSI Logic Sata Raid Controller, 5 HDs, etc etc.

What is the best way to get Interworx installed on the dell server and then move our customers back to the right server?

If you are just using the slower box as a temporary storage location while you wait for InterWorx to be installed on the main Dell, the migration is pretty easy. Just make Plesk backups of each account, and copy them over to some location on your temporary box. This temporary box doesn’t need to have InterWorx on it. Then, when your main Dell box is up and running with InterWorx, copy over the plesk backups from the temporary box and import them via NodeWorx.

We’re not that convinced that everything is going to go that smoothly. While I’ve imported a very small site and it seemed to work there are some sites that very complicated installs, mutiple mysql databases and whatnot. Not to mention that I’ve made plesk backups that wouldn’t restore after the fact and I had to manually rip them apart to get the data back.

Have you ever had to do that with 900mb of backup? :frowning: Not fun.

Besides, being down for too long means we have to start giving discounts due to our uptime guarantee :smiley:

To do a nice clean install and avoid problems you are going to need to format and do a fresh install of linux on the Dell. I’m sure you could just “uninstall” plesk and try to do it that way, but that could make things difficult.

The only way I see to have NO downtime is to get 2nd server (a somewhat real one) with InterWorx and import everything to that one and make sure every is working. Then do all the DNS switchover or change IPs or whatever you need to do to make the temp box live. Then setup your Dell with IW and then migrate InterWorx backups to InterWorx restores on the new box and since thats IW to IW it go pretty smooth.

Well that’s the plan, I have this box setup as a server, interworx is installed.

Our plan is to migrate everyone over to Interworx on the new box 1 at a time, then once everyone is working ok on that install of Interworx, we’re gonna blow out the install of Plesk on the Dell and start fresh.

However, we only have 1 license of Iworx to work with :slight_smile:

See I was thinking like you were, IW <-> IW would be smooth as silk.

The IW team is great. I’m sure they could help you out with some kinda of temporary license for a limited time like 14 days or so without an extra charge to help with your migration process.

I’d send them an PM, email, or support ticket. :smiley:

Welcome to the Iworx club!

Well after dealing with plesk for the past 2 years, seeing how well thought out Iworx is has been a breath of fresh air.

Not to mention that Plesk is all $$ $$ $$ and more $$ for every little thing.

I was ready for a real hosting controller that wasn’t going to bankrupt my hobby :slight_smile: