Move NodeWorx graphs to new server?

Is there a way when moving to a new server to move all the graph history in NodeWorx?

I know there currently isn’t a NodeWorx settings backup (which would be cool when you get some time :wink: ), but would it be possible to copy over some files to get the old graphs?

If you need more info to answer this please let me know.



The RRDs that goven those graphs are in:


Just copy *.rrd to the same location on your new box


I tried this, but no graphs are displaying now. Any ideas?

PS. I sent in a low priority ticket and will update this thread once it’s working!

Well the problem was b/c I’m going from a 32bit to 64bit (as well as Intel to AMD) and the rrd isn’t compatible.

As per support ticket:
“RRD stores its files in architecture specific formats and they aren’t cross compatible.”

This worked great going to a very similar box with the big difference being CentOS4 -> CentOS5.