Moving a account (site) from a reseller

I will have a need to move sites out of a reseller account into the main NodeWorx account area. This will be taking place on or before January.

With 2.1.3 I figure the only way to do this is to make a FULL back up of the site, then delete the site out of the Reseller account and then create a NEW site and then restore the site. Would you guys agree this is the best way to go about it?

With any luck maybe 3.0 will be out by the time I have to do this, and from what I understand, a person will be able to move a site from a Reseller to the main NodeWorx account. And vis versa. Is this still going to be a true statement?

Notice I didn’t ask if 3.0 will be out in time for me to do this, :D.

Yes, this feature will be available in the v.3.0 interface. In the meantime, we’ve created a very simple command line script that will relocate domains to different resellers. I’ve attached the file to this post. Save this file in to /home/interworx/bin/move-account.php

Then do, as root or the iworx user:

# cd /home/interworx/bin
# ln -s move-account.pex
# ./cvspermsfix.pex

Once that’s done, this is how you use move-account.pex:

~iworx/bin/move-account.pex --reseller-id idnum --domain

where is the domain you want to move, and idnum is the reseller ID number you want to move the domain under. You can find the reseller ID number by going to the SiteWorx account page in NodeWorx, choosing a reseller from the dropdown, and then looking in the URL bar:

The reseller ID here is “2”. The main nodeworx user has a reseller ID of 1.

So, to move to reseller ID #2, you would do:

~iworx/bin/move-account.pex --reseller-id 2 --domain
SUCCESS: Moved to reseller #2

move-account.php (4.61 KB)

Hey that is awesome, thanks for the info!

This is excellent, moved a site today with no problems
thank you