Moving accounts between servers

Hi All,

We are looking at migrating our InterWorx server onto a new box in a different datacentre.

I was just wondering if someone could either confirm or tear apart the following method for moving accounts:

1 setup second server with trial/new Interworx licence
2 setup clustering between both servers with old server as the master
3 push the accounts and their contents over
4 promote the new server to the cluster master
5 remove the old server from the cluster, before transfering licence to new machine/revoking old licence.

Any advice much appreciated, as we have a few accounts that we need to move. None have dedicated IPs or anything like that, so that side of things should be no problem.



Is the new server going to be part of a cluster?

I don’t think this approach will work becuase the new server will be a node and will therefore only access the data on the master server. Wouldn’t the best way be to setup the new server as a standalone server and use the Mass Import tool in interworx to bring the accounts over?


That perhaps is a better idea. Does the mass import tool move things such as client SQL databases over too though?


Yup, everything. And Interworx <> InterWorx mass transfers tend to be really very smooth :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info.

Hey hacman, I meant to respond sooner but being that it is Thanksgiving in the US I was full of turkey and semi-conscious. :smiley:

Using the Mass-Import tool should seamlessly transfer SiteWorx accounts even over a WAN (although that may take a bit longer). If you have any problems with the Mass Import feel free to file a support ticket and we’ll do our best get it sorted.