Moving Hosts - Backup Help

Hello and happy holidays! We are in the midst of moving hosting providers which will obviously require to move all of our data over… My question is based on the migration steps. We will be changing IP’s which is a concern. What are the best steps to migrate to the new host? Im pasting what I assume.

  1. Backup siteworx domains (
  2. Backup nodeworx? Or do I just do a complete re-install? (Sketchy Part)
  3. Point Domains at new nameservers.

Any help would be much appreciated!

If you are going from Iworx to Iworx you can do a mass transfer. Which will have your new server connect to your old server over SSH and copy the site to the new server. It makes it so easy its almost too good to be true

You will have to get a fresh install of Iworx on the new server and then setup everything. I do not believe a NodeWorx settings backup has been implemented yet, but I know I have discussed this in the forums before so I’m sure its on the to do list. You may want to send in a ticket for help with moving your bayes database for spam if you have clients that have been using that… something i forgot to do on my move. Although it might be part of the SiteWorx backup now from what Socheat said in another thread, so I dont know guess someone else can clear that up.

You could update the records on the current DNS server to point the sites to their new addresses while the DNS server IP propagates through the internet. I would also set the TTL of the domains on the old DNS to something like 5 mins a couple days before you do the switch over that way the new site IPs will take effect right away.

  1. I am going from Iworx to Iworx, how do I accomplish this? This sounds like a great idea. So it will automatically change IP’s and everything?

  2. Sounds like Ill go with option 1 :slight_smile:

  3. Good call on the TTL, done and done.

Thanks for the help Justin, let me know on #1 and Im good to go!

You log into the new server and go to “SiteWorx > Import > Mass Transfer”

Then you put the IP of the old server and the root user. So you will have to enable SSH and direct root access temporarily (at least thats the way i did it).

Then it will query all the accounts and I believe you assign it the new IPs to import into and then click go and let it run.

I don’t remember exactly how it looks now because its been a few months, but if you have any more specific questions Ill be checking this thread so let me know.

Running on a cluster Node

Hey I have a quick question,

Will it work correctly, and is it beneficial to run the backup script on a node in a cluster, instead of on the load balancer?

[quote=cytexone-dan;15030]Hey I have a quick question,

Will it work correctly, and is it beneficial to run the backup script on a node in a cluster, instead of on the load balancer?[/quote]


All of your web data is stored on the cluster manager, so no that wont work because there will be no data on the node for it to back up. Nodes do load balancing only.