Moving Interworx to the Cloud

Hello all,

I’ve been asked by a customer to look into migrating an Interworx installation from an internally-hosted server to a cloud server.

Does anyone here have experience with this? If so, are there any pitfalls to be aware of when doing so?

Does anyone have any recommendations for hosting providers? This is an existing installation, so the host doesn’t need to provide their own instance of Interworx, as we’d be installing our own.

(Or would it be better to go with an Interworx reseller and just migrate the sites from Iworx backups?)

Hi sim79

I hope your well

I?m sorry, I have no experience of running IW in the cloud but have always considered it to be like a VPS

I know there are members here running IW in the cloud without any issues

If I move IW to a different server, I always do a fresh install of IW, install all the php features needed for all php packages etc, and once fully tested, I do a mass transfer from old IW server to new. This saves time as it acquires the correct settings/ip etc

Then change the name servers.

Prior to moving though, reduce all dns TTL to 3600 and wait a day. This helps by reducing stale dns cache

Hopefully users of cloud platforms would post their experiences

Many thanks


Hi John,

Thanks for your quick response, and apologies for taking a while to report back.

This is exactly what I ended up doing. Thanks for the advice.