Moving Mail to another node.

Currently I have 3 servers set up in my Interworx Cluster. The CM is excluded from the load balancing policy for apache services so the other two nodes handle all of the apache duties and then of course the CM handles the MySQL, file storage, mail, etc.

The sites that this cluster runs are becoming increasingly popular. Though it is not necessary I like the idea of moving the mail handling off the CM.

It appears that I can easily do this by adding a load balancing policy for POP, SMTP and IMAP to whatever server in the cluster I want and just exluded the CM from the policy…that part is no big deal.

My question however, is that once I do that, what will happen to the mail that is currently on the CM? Will it not be delivered or sent since the CM is no longer a mail serving machine?

Thanks for your help and if I have TOTALLY misunderstood how this works I appreciate your help in clarifying it for me in advance.

[SIZE=2]All of the servers in your cluster have mail handling capability. Its the load balancing policy you set up which determines which servers will actually receive mail traffic, but in fact they all can. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=2]The mail that is “currently on the CM” is also equally accessible from all of the machines (once delivered into the user’s inbox) , since mail is on shared storage. Hence e[/SIZE][SIZE=2]ven if the CM is relieved of mail duty, mail in account inboxes will still be accessible from the new mail server(s) via NFS. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=2]Although [/SIZE][SIZE=2]the CM will no longer be in your load balancing policy, it is still capable of serving mail - it’s just not receiving of the new mail traffic. Hence any emails queued locally on the CM at the time you remove it from the load balancing policy will still get processed.[/SIZE]

Just wanted to give webtrader the stamp of approval. That’s exactly right webtrader, thanks :slight_smile:


Cool…thanks guys. That was a fantastic explanation webtrader and definitely helps.