Moving webistes

Hello all … I have a quick questions here with either falls under the Interworx subject or Wordpress.

Basically I have created a new Wordpress site in a sub folder off of my main internworx default directory. When i switch to the new site… Is it possible to change the default web directoryin internworx… Or should I backup the WP site… Reinstall into the default folder and then restore the site.?

suggestions… I just didn’t see a way to change the default folder in IW without using a redirect…

thanks for suggestions…


Hi Kolson

Welcome to IW forums

The best way would be to install WP in the default folder (softaculous 1 click installer installs in less then 1 minute)

I would not advise to change IW default folder

You could place a redirect to new folder from default folder, but this would add a very small delay)

Many thanks