MSA functionality

Interworx supports SMTP AUTH on port 25, but tcp/25 is increasingly blocked by ISPs (and with good reason). The primary reason that tcp/25 is blocked is because only mail servers should be communicating with each other via that port. Mail clients (MUAs) who wish to send email should do so via the Submission port (tcp/587) on their Mail servers (MSAs and MTAs). There’s no reason that an Interworx server can’t act as an MSA on tcp/587 in addition to tcp/25.

While you’re at it, can you enable SMTPs submission on tcp/465?

These posts
appear to offer direction.

We’re going to setup something for this soon cdemain as it’s definitely a good and needed addition. Thanks, as always, for your detailed posts :). Details make our lives easier as you know :).

Look for this in the next release or at the latest the release thereafter (2.0).


So what’s the status of this now? Do we have the option to use 587 for SMTP AUTH?

The status is “done” in the current development version and will be in the next release.


And when’s that expected to be?

The short answer is “when it’s ready” which we’re approaching fast. We don’t give out hard dates until we’re fairly close (within a week or so) to a release.