Multi domain management by account


I have few customers who have few domains.

The sum of there disk space and transfert may be hold in one sitewoax account.

I mean, I propose web hosting with 1Go disk space and 50 Go transfert
They’d like to manage all their domains in this package

To do that I need to have multi domain management under an only one siteworx account

Do yu plan to do that ?


That is something that they are planning, Pascal. That’s why we have such ling paths (server side) to our html files. They haven’t given an ETA yet.

As Tim said, it is planned but no ETA yet Pascal.


I realise this is an old thread, but it’s exactly what I’d like to see. (Multiple full domains in 1 siteworx account sharing disk and transfer quotas) I’ve got several customers waiting on it.

This thread also indicates reseller support (somewhat similar) will be in 1.10.

As I’m now running 1.9.2, is there any roadmap/schedule online indicating new features to be added/changed in the major/minor updates?

And more specifically to this thread I’d really like to know how long (even roughly) until 1.10 is available.

I could probably configure this for a user manually but I’d rather not put the time and effort into that if the better solution is right around the corner.

White Llama Networks -

1.10 is still a ways off. I will say this, we have a ton of features in the pipeline and I’ll be posting screenshots and a feature breakdown in the next week or so.

Regarding your immediate issue, I’d go ahead with your alternate solution as multi-domain support (multiple domains per siteworx account) isn’t slated for 1.10 and I don’t have an ETA on what version it will be in at this time.