Multidomain SSL

Hi there,

I would like to install a multidomain SSL to the following URLs, may I know what would be the best approach to do it?

Before posting this thread:
I created private key and CSR from within Nodeworx for, then generated SSL cert at thesslstore for all the three domains above, but it seems the Siteworx of wouldn’t recognise the private key created earlier on in Nodeworx and was asking for a new private key to be created.

And therefore, I assume it’s even impossible (maybe possible IDK) to install the multidomain SSL on since it would require me to create another private key mainly for, which seems not working because of the way how a multidomain SSL works.

I am confused. Any guidance would be much appreciated. Thank you in advanced.

Hi shyuan

Hope your well

Myself, if I were to use a multi domain SSL, I would generate using the primary domain in the list, then copy it’s key, csr, cert and chains into the other remaining domains.

We do not have any multi domain SSL though sorry.

I would though, not buy a multi domain (could be expensive) instead I would buy a wildcard SSL and a normal SSL for the other domain

This would cover your domain and sub.domain (wildcard SSL) and domain2 (SSL), then just generate as normal

I hope that helps

Many thanks


Hi John,

I’ll try out your first suggestion by copying over the SSL cert/key.

As for multidomain SSL, in my case, I managed to get it much cheaper than a wildcard SSL. But I’ll consider that in future, since I’ve already renewed my multidomain SSL. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply! :slight_smile: