Must Have: Email Attachment Blocking

For nasty little things like .exe, .bat, .pif, etc

It would be nice also if this could be set on a per domain basis.

If there’s a way to do it now, please tell me!

ClamAV should catch any attached viruii to emails so I’d be sure to have ClamAV on. I believe there have been posts about mass file extension blocking on the board as well.


ebook.pif (blackworm) ended up in my email a couple of days ago.

Check to make sure that freshclam is running as its the process that pulls down new ClamAV defs. And what date does the last def update say in NodeWorx => Virus Settings?


As far as I know, everything is ok.

Since my last posting, I’ve gotten 2 more that have come through our box.

Can you forward me the ones in question jerricho or open a ticket with them. I just want to see if ClamAV actually knows about them or if they are new to ClamAV. In one case it’s a bug, in another it’s just ClamAV being slow to update but i’d like to know which ;).