MX zone like error in nodeworx


We have to enter 2 MX records for one of our domain.

The problem is the hostname that have to be enter finsish with a dot like

In nodeworx We can’t enter this dot at the end of the hostname. Nodeworx returns an error.
If we enter these without any dot at the end this is ok.

Is there a solution to add these 2 MX records ?



Just curious, why do you have to enter the ‘.’ after, I’ve never seen this before. I thought everything had to end in a TOP level domain (ie. com, net, org, us,

Just the way it is, Justin, although I’ve only seen this with hostnames and manually editing dns config files (which is moot with an Iworx box as djbdns does not use zone config files like bind does).

What situation would this come up in?

:confused: :confused:


Why do you think the hostname needs to end with a dot?


Well one of our client use a service to stop spam. Basicly all email are sent to their mail server see

They ask us to enter these email server WITH the dot at the end. !!!


It’s probably b/c they are used to BIND syntax. The dot isn’t necessary.


thanks Chris, you right :slight_smile: