mysql access bug


One of our customers discovered a possible bug on mysql as reported bellow;
System: CentOS 5.2 + Interworx 3.0.4
Mysql user BD created: domuser1_OB_user
when using domuser1_OB_user123, domuser1_OB_user1111, etc, it permits login to database and the user is not created.

Please confirm if it is really a bug


Hi Paulo -

I can certainly confirm the behavior. It’s because MySQL only supports 16-character user names, and the server itself simply truncates the username! Since the usernames are truncated to the same 16 characters as the first name your user is using, as long as it’s using the same password, the connection is made as the first user, not as the longer name.

Unfortunately, MySQL does not see this as a bug -


Thank you for the feedback, Tim