MySQL "official" binary distros

Hi Tim & Co,

It has been awhile since we’ve had a chance to chat, hope that all is well!

We have a customer on Interworx whose MySQL server is producing strange behaviors. Any storage of utf-8 characters is causing inserts to be truncated at those utf-8 characters, and I suspect that his MySQL distro is to blame (some os-delivered source compilation).

I’d like to install some “official” statically-linked MySQL binaries instead of those that he runs. Does IW do anything to the MySQL source that should prevent me from doing so?

Just want to ensure that all ducks are in a row before we jump into this.

Thanks as always.

Hi Alex,

You shouldn’t have any problem. InterWorx creates a secondary “root” MySQL user that it uses for creating / managing databases and users, but it uses the normal MySQL privilege tables - if you keep those intact, there won’t be any issue.