MySQL Problem

[B]Hi Iworx Team & All,

Currently I’ve problem with my box, after a last box crash, my MySQL is unstable. It crash and I would restart it … I’ve make myisamcheck for the SQL MIY files but there don’t resolve problem. Can you help me in the manipulation has to follow, please ?

Thanks in advance for your responses

Is there anything in the mysql log (/var/log/mysqld.log)? Is the crash reproducible? If so, how? Any error messages available when the crash happens?


[B]Hi Socheat,

I’ve no error messages when MySQL crash screen but there are this error in /var/log/mysql.log :


Number of processes running now: 0
061028 11:38:31  mysqld restarted
061028 11:38:32  InnoDB: Database was not shut down normally!
InnoDB: Starting crash recovery.
InnoDB: Reading tablespace information from the .ibd files...
InnoDB: Restoring possible half-written data pages from the doublewrite
InnoDB: buffer...
061028 11:38:32  InnoDB: Starting log scan based on checkpoint at
InnoDB: log sequence number 0 14801117.
InnoDB: Doing recovery: scanned up to log sequence number 0 14801117
061028 11:38:32  InnoDB: Flushing modified pages from the buffer pool...
061028 11:38:32  InnoDB: Started; log sequence number 0 14801117
InnoDB: !!! innodb_force_recovery is set to 1 !!!
/usr/libexec/mysqld: ready for connections.
Version: '4.1.20'  socket: '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock'  port: 3306  Source distribution
061028 11:38:33InnoDB: Assertion failure in thread 2991578032 in file fsp0fsp.c line 3288
InnoDB: We intentionally generate a memory trap.
InnoDB: Submit a detailed bug report to
InnoDB: If you get repeated assertion failures or crashes, even
InnoDB: immediately after the mysqld startup, there may be
InnoDB: corruption in the InnoDB tablespace. Please refer to
InnoDB: about forcing recovery.
mysqld got signal 11;
This could be because you hit a bug. It is also possible that this binary
or one of the libraries it was linked against is corrupt, improperly built,
or misconfigured. This error can also be caused by malfunctioning hardware.
We will try our best to scrape up some info that will hopefully help diagnose
the problem, but since we have already crashed, something is definitely wrong
and this may fail.

It is possible that mysqld could use up to 
key_buffer_size + (read_buffer_size + sort_buffer_size)*max_connections = 225791 K
bytes of memory
Hope that's ok; if not, decrease some variables in the equation.

Attempting backtrace. You can use the following information to find out
where mysqld died. If you see no messages after this, something went
terribly wrong...
Cannot determine thread, fp=0xb24fbc8c, backtrace may not be correct.
Stack range sanity check OK, backtrace follows:
New value of fp=(nil) failed sanity check, terminating stack trace!
Please read and follow instructions on how to resolve the stack trace. Resolved
stack trace is much more helpful in diagnosing the problem, so please do 
resolve it
The manual page at contains
information that should help you find out what is causing the crash.

[B]What do you think about it ?

Thanks for your answers

What distribution are you running? Is this a VPS? What version of MySQL?

I’m running CentOS 4.4 distrib on dedicated server with MySQL 4.1.2 and Iworx-CP 2.1.3 (I’m the iworx user with the recent FTP problem on server, Romain C.)

[B]If anyone can help me, please ? (I’ve complete the error code in my first post)

Thanks you for your answer.[/B]

Did you check out this page like the error log suggests?

Yes, before posting here, I’ve tested the first option in this page but I’ve always the problem :frowning: