Mysql users and email accounts file, please asap help


After HDD faulty, I could copy all folders from server and I restored the websites and databases. But databases users and email account are missing from my interworx, anyone knows where could locate this users setup files?

Please help asap.

Hi Bblori

I hope you received my PM from earlier.

The email users are held in the IW database, along with passwords etc, which are encrypted.

The Mysql users are held in the database, which again is encryted and I believe this encryption is one time only, no decryption availablem, which is designed this way (sorry, unless I am thinking of another program).

To access the above, you would need the original databases, and login Nodeworx, phpmyadmin, on the database to connect to, change local to IW-DB, or what ever it is called, email, look at vpopmail, aliases, look at alises etc.

You may be better for the Mysql DB, if it is 1 time encryption, to look at any conn files from PHP in their hosting, which should give you the password, username and DB.

I hope this helps and sorry if I am wrong, and as I PM, I would open a support ticket for quick help.

Many thanks


[FONT=inherit][FONT=inherit][INDENT]I would be interested in having the integration part, so we can test that as well, and if anyone’s interested, I can post exact method to have bacula up and running in 10 minutes or less.


Hi sohapearl

I’m sorry, what’s your question as you have just copied and pasted my exact words from the bacula4host thread shown a few threads lower then this thread.

Many thanks