My first post for this new year.

Firstly, let me whish to all of you an happy new year

Then, my question is about max_user_connection.

It seems to be set to 0.
I use “mysqladmin -uroot -pxxxxx variables” command

What do you thing avout this value ?

Should it be better to set a max_user_connection ?


Happy new year to you too Pascal :).

Regarding max_user_connections I could find slim to no docs on about this. max_connections is well documented but the _user variant doesn’t seem to be.

I found this: which sounds like max_user_connections = 0 is ‘ok’ unless you want to start limiting. So you be the judge :).


Ok thanks, for the moment it will stay at 0 :slight_smile:

corect me if I’m wrong but isn’t max connections 0 = unlimited? I would have thought that was the default.