Mysqld.log in nodeworx

can anyone tell me how to configure mysqld.logs path so they show in nodeworx.
I am using Almalinux with Interworx 7 but when selecting mysqld.log it gives an error unknown log.
possible because i have the logs in another path, where can i edit the path for the log location to make it work

thank you


You can modify the log reader to show pretty much any log on the system that you’d like using the custom log grouping functionality. This is explained in the file ~iworx/etc/logs.d/nodeworx/ This won’t let you overwrite or correct the log location for this existing group (I don’t see any functionality to do that), but you could create a new group that would show wherever your log files might be using the information in that readme.

Thank you,

Lovely, i will take a look.
Thank you for the information and reply :slight_smile: