N440BX with Dual PIII 550- should I even bother?

I see the supported hardware minimum CPU is Pentium III 866 MHz- should I even bother trying Interworx on the Dual PIII 550 I have in my garage?

I only plan to use it lightly- maybe 10 domains, only 2 of which will have heavy usage.

Well you also need to think about the hardware min. for running 10 websites on a machine that old whether it has Iworx or you just manually setup the websites.

Right- guess there is never a definitive answer on hardware questions like this.

I mainly want to use it as a test bed for a project automating Joomla! installs with the free version of Interworx (1 actual domain on the machine, sub-domains for the test installs).

I know it will be slow, but the question is whether Interworx will even install and work at all under that scenario.

It will install and work. I’ve installed it on a Pentium I with 96MB of RAM. It worked, and InterWorx was a little slow, but it wasn’t completely unusable. However, it was just a test box with no real traffic hitting it except me.