Navigate SiteWorx Like a Pro: PreMadeKB v2.3 Updates Tutorial Series on SiteWorx

We are happy to announce that we have updated the articles for SiteWorx in the release of v2.3. It contains dozens of articles on SiteWorx, which are beneficial for your customers and resellers. It includes step-by-step tutorials on performing basic to advanced tasks.

What is PreMadeKB?
PreMadeKB provides ready-made and professionally written articles on popular hosting control panels such as SiteWorx, and more. It can be integrated with your hosting billing knowledge base, including WHMCS, HostBill, Blesta, WordPress, Zendes and many others.

We are not going to stop here, DemoTiger will soon release video tutorials for SiteWorx.

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We have updated our SiteWorx/InterWorx articles.

New version: 2.4

Massive improvement in SiteWorx articles. Category renamed from SiteWorx to SiteWorx/InterWorx for maximum exposure of brand InterWorx.

All articles are now up-to-date.

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