Need help Sub Domain site setup

Hi Experts…
I have one account with 3 secondary domains. What I need to do is create a new wordpress site from a sub domain on one of the secondary domains and have ssl installed on the sub domain. All the domains do have let’s encrypt ssl installed already.

Can anyone give me the steps to do this please? My first attempt was a disaster!

The seconday domain I want to use is and the sub domain needs to be
Then should I use softaculous to intall Wordpress on the sub domain?

Thank for your help, I really appreciate your time and expertise.


Hi Diananashif

Welcome to IW forums

Using Softaculous to install wordpress is probably the better way to go if you do not have good understanding of WP install but also it takes less the 1 minute to create using softaculous

I would advice you click multisite when installing but try with and without (multisite basic link below so you can understand better)

To create WP into a sub domain, you simply cick and chose the domain or sub domain to use - see picture

I hope that helps

Many thanks

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Thank you John,
I am new to Interworx as you can tell.
Here is what I did that messed things up… [LIST=1]

  • Set up a sub domain for In the subdomain window it give the target directory as: /home/standup/ (this is not what I really wanted but there was no way to change this)
  • Next I used Softaculous to install WP. For the directory, I went with blank because I wasn't sure what to do with that one since the the sub domain has a set target directory as noted above.
  • Next I needed this sub domain to have an ssl so I generated it but what this did was it removed the ssl on the and placed it on the new [/LIST] So as you can see, somewhere I have not done this right.

    Can you give the correct steps in sequence to achieve what I want to do?

    Again really, really appreciate your expert help,


  • Hi Diana

    Sorry for late reply, I am in UK and it has been extremely busy today with UK going into lockdown…

    Please see pictures attached (view as 1 through to 5), so you login into your domain siteworx account

    create subdomain (already created) picture 1
    goto SSL, create all using LE SSL, and select all DNS records for domain (picture shows selection in blue - please note to use LE SSL, DNS records have to point to your server eg, must point at your server as well as and etc… you could have these pointed elsewhere, but just keeping it simple for you to show) picture 2 and 3

    click softaculous, Wordpress install, select https and subdomain ( and leave folder blank picture 4

    completed and check - picture 5

    Please make sure first though, you use softaculous to delete any WP installed you tried or delete subdomain and start fresh

    I hope that helps you a little and you can test my example install using (notice how it goes to https as it was installed on https) and I will delete after a few days.

    Many thanks






    Ah, this is so helpful! Thank you John. I see where I messed up with the ssl was not selecting all in the Alternative.

    YAY, I am so happy and thankful for you.

    Keep safe at home. Our lives have changed for the time being for sure.
    All the best,

    Hi Diana

    Glad to help

    You may want to read through the forums for hints and tips, as your services could be rewrite to use FQDN of server (not websites etc…) eg mydomain.url/webmail (webmail) would fail on SSL but a rewrite to your FQDN server name with LE SSL would pass

    eg mydomain.url/webmail rewrite to FQDN server domain/webmail (SSL passes)

    same with /siteworx and /nodeworx etc…

    Many thanks and stay safe… it will not last forever (hopefully)


    Thank you John, I will ask LiquidWeb support about this. We don’t us the webmail but I will see if this should be implemented for us.


    Update, your instructions worked perfectly!