Need NodeWorx Warning and Autorepair for Crashed iworx Tables

Our data center has been mishandling our equipment lately (we are moving out, btw). After recovering from a disaster related to a forced power outage, our client noticed today that AWStats hasn’t recorded a single day since the power outage (2 weeks ago). My first thought was it must be a crashed table, so I issued this command to repair the iworx* tables:

# mysqlcheck --all-databases --auto-repair -u iworx -p -S /home/interworx/var/run/mysql.sock
Enter password:
iworx.cluster_nodes                                OK
iworx.cmd_history                                  OK
iworx.cmd_queue                                    OK
iworx.cmd_replay_log                               OK
iworx.cmd_triggers                                 OK
iworx.common_problem_config                        OK
iworx.common_problem_groups                        OK
iworx.common_problem_log                           OK
iworx.common_problem_recipients                    OK
iworx.common_problem_tracking                      OK
iworx.common_problems                              OK
iworx.database_servers                             OK
iworx.dns_records                                  OK
iworx.dns_sync_hosts                               OK
iworx.dns_zones                                    OK                                      OK
iworx.email_templates                              OK
iworx.lang_usage_tracked                           OK
iworx.log                                          OK
iworx.log_id_seq                                   OK
iworx.nodeworx                                     OK
iworx.nodeworx_ips                                 OK
iworx.nodeworx_package_map                         OK
iworx.nodeworx_permissions                         OK
iworx.nodeworx_reseller_database_server_map        OK
iworx.nodeworx_reseller_ip_map                     OK
iworx.nodeworx_reseller_map                        OK
iworx.nodeworx_reseller_package_map                OK
iworx.nodeworx_siteworx_map                        OK
iworx.nodeworx_updates                             OK
iworx.nodeworx_users                               OK
iworx.notice_code_ignore                           OK
iworx.notice_deliveries                            OK
iworx.notice_tracking                              OK
iworx.notice_unsubscribe                           OK
iworx.notices                                      OK
iworx.nw_user_permission_map                       OK
iworx.package_bandwidth                            OK
iworx.package_option_map                           OK
iworx.package_option_values                        OK
iworx.package_options                              OK
iworx.package_storage                              OK
iworx.packages                                     OK
iworx.plugin_datastore                             OK
iworx.registrars                                   OK
iworx.reseller_bandwidth                           OK
iworx.reseller_package_option_map                  OK
iworx.reseller_package_option_values               OK
iworx.reseller_package_options                     OK
iworx.reseller_packages                            OK
iworx.reseller_preferences                         OK
iworx.scheduled_backups                            OK
iworx.scriptworx_installations                     OK
iworx.sessions                                     OK
iworx.siteworx                                     OK
iworx.siteworx_database_server_map                 OK
iworx.siteworx_favorites                           OK
iworx.siteworx_package_map                         OK
iworx.siteworx_permissions                         OK
iworx.siteworx_users                               OK
iworx.sw_package_user_permission_map               OK
iworx.uid_gid_log                                  OK
iworx.update_history                               OK
iworx.update_packages                              OK
iworx.update_versions                              OK
iworx.webmail_servermap                            OK
iworx_ftp.groups                                   OK
iworx_ftp.users                                    OK
iworx_horde.horde_alarms                           OK
iworx_horde.horde_cache                            OK
iworx_horde.horde_categories                       OK
iworx_horde.horde_datatree                         OK
iworx_horde.horde_datatree_attributes              OK
iworx_horde.horde_groups                           OK
iworx_horde.horde_groups_members                   OK
iworx_horde.horde_histories                        OK
iworx_horde.horde_histories_seq                    OK
iworx_horde.horde_locks                            OK
iworx_horde.horde_perms                            OK
iworx_horde.horde_prefs                            OK
iworx_horde.horde_syncml_anchors                   OK
iworx_horde.horde_syncml_map                       OK
iworx_horde.horde_tokens                           OK
iworx_horde.horde_users                            OK
iworx_horde.horde_vfs                              OK
iworx_horde.horde_vfs_seq                          OK
iworx_horde.imp_sentmail                           OK
iworx_horde.imp_sentmail_seq                       OK
iworx_horde.kronolith_events                       OK
iworx_horde.kronolith_shares                       OK
iworx_horde.kronolith_shares_groups                OK
iworx_horde.kronolith_shares_users                 OK
iworx_horde.kronolith_storage                      OK
iworx_horde.turba_objects                          OK
iworx_mysql.dbs                                    OK
iworx_mysql.permissions                            OK
iworx_mysql.users                                  OK
warning  : 11 clients are using or haven't closed the table properly
status   : OK
warning  : 6 clients are using or haven't closed the table properly
status   : OK
iworx_spam.bayes_global_vars                       OK
warning  : 8 clients are using or haven't closed the table properly
status   : OK
warning  : 10 clients are using or haven't closed the table properly
status   : OK
warning  : 10 clients are using or haven't closed the table properly
status   : OK
iworx_spam.userpref                                OK
iworx_spam.users_filtered                          OK
iworx_vpopmail.dir_control                         OK
iworx_vpopmail.lastauth                            OK
iworx_vpopmail.relay                               OK
iworx_vpopmail.valias                              OK
iworx_vpopmail.vpopmail                            OK

I do not see any “awstats” tables in the list, so I fixed the spam tables but the AWStats issue probably still exists. Does it have a different database I need to repair?

I need to know how to get AWStats working again. More importantly, I think NodeWorx really should have a cron in place to check the integrity of the database tables.

Actually, we already do this. The tables are checked and repaired on the daily cron job.

As for AWStats, you should probably open up a ticket at so we can check that out in detail.