New Addition to NEXCESS.NET

Well, I lied, it’s only a new addition by association.

I’ve been around less the last week because my wife gave birth to our first son, Troy Christopher Wells on Oct 5th, 2004. For those of you who care to check out pics of little Troy (and a cameo of my wife and I) they are up at

I just wanted to thank the rest of the crew here @ NEXCESS.NET and those non-NEXCESS.NET-employees for keeping things in order the last few days whle I’ve been out.

We’ll have Troy doing support/programming in no time.


Congratulations! I’ll look forward to seeing IWorx-Troy around the forums. :wink:

Congrats Chris,

Hope you can manage a good nights sleep in the next six months :wink: (got two girls myself)

well congrats chris…
Sure we’ll see you more during the next few nights !!! in fact hope nop. As it’ll means your lovely baby sleep as a charm :slight_smile:

I like the picture mom+baby+girl, so funny, is the dog real ???

The next generation is here, maybe in few years, troy will help my 2 sons :slight_smile:


congratulations, Chris to you and your family. All the best!

Thx everyone :), and I’ll finally be around here again on the boards and on e-mail so I apologize in advance if any e-mails have gone unanswered or posts un-attended-to.


Family comnes first, Chris. We all understand.


Congrats Chris …

My wife and I are due in Jan. Enjoy this time.


congratulations, Chris to you and your family. All the best! Staff