New Features Teaser!

Hey guys - we’re gearing up to get the next version out the door, but I thought I’d take a few minutes to let you know a little of what we’ve been working on.

  • Security Improvements [LIST]
  • We've upgraded the internal version of PHP to 5.2.x
  • All input to the system is now handled through a single point, which allows us to validate input much more thoroughly
  • Visual Enhancements
    • New theme system is much simpler to create your own theme
    • Built-in themes are now CSS only - no more tables
    • Memory graph is much clearer
  • New Features
    • Hugely expanded capabilities of the XMLRPC API
    • SOAP is now supported as well
    • Most actions can be executed interactively or programmatically via the command line
    • Line by line validation of user input
    • New AJAX controls for all services in NodeWorx
    • SPEED! We've made huge steps forward in speeding things up across the board. On my test box, most pages now render 4-5 times faster than before
    • Improved memory footprint
    • SiteWorx users can reset their own password if they forget
    • Multiple external MySQL servers can be maintained by NodeWorx, and assigned to SiteWorx users when the account is created (one per SiteWorx account)
    • Dedicated IPs are now dedicated to a SiteWorx account, not just a single domain, so accounts with SSL can have secondary domains.
    • Mass Transfer Importer now runs in the background, so if you leave, you can come back and it will still be running. Also runs several imports in parallel for faster importing.
    • cPanel importer now supports new cPanel archive format, plus huge improvements to the scope of what's imported with both new and old format backups.
    • Integrated suPHP support
    • New Settings page to control commonly accessed parts of the InterWorx configuration

    And that’s just some of it! We’ve made huge improvements to the system as a whole, and we’re working on a few other new features that may or may not make it into the next release, but will be coming soon thereafter.

    Stay tuned - we’ll post more as it gets closer to release. If you have any questions, let us know.


  • Very nice! I’m extremely excited about this upcoming release. :cool:

    Cool, maybe this will pave the way for a 3rd party theme to support iPhone and other mobile devices.

    Haha, I remember when I was joking with Socheat long long ago about getting NodeWorx with some nice AJAX support. Maybe some nice animations of menus and stuff using the cool new JS libraries like JQuery and Scriptaculous

    Meaning Iworx (NodeWorx/SiteWorx) loads faster or the websites running on the shared server?


    Very cool

    Will this be an option that you turn on or a new default setting? This should be really neat. I remember wanting to setup this apache addon that never made it to a public release called PerChild (, but I think suPHP should be able to provide a lot of the same features.

    Actually, Justec, I think the extended API will be more useful for a true iPhone app, though the new theme system will certainly make it easier to create a mobile-friendly theme. HTML tables still present a bit of an issue, though with the new MVC architecture we switched to, things are a lot more centralized and it’s at least easier to make that rendering customizable. I’ve been trying to study through the WordPress theming system - though their range of “things to do” is much narrower than ours!

    With regard to speed - I mean NodeWorx and SiteWorx are faster. I realize that NW and SW represent very little of a server’s load, but every bit helps!

    We chose YUI for the scripting library - we’re using the current 2.x release. Once we’ve finalized the setup for the release, we’ll be sure to document what utilities will be available to theme designers. So far, I can guarantee the Connection Manager, the Event and DOM stuff, and the Animation tools. We haven’t gotten too heavily into the animation side of things - some of our testing with older machines has proved that to be a bit much.

    We’re working toward not breaking user themes after this release - unfortunately, most custom themes will need to be recreated for the next release, but it’s a much simpler process. We’ve also made it so that the CSS alone can be changed, which will allow custom themes to inherit new behavior and templates, but apply their own CSS and images.

    I’ve made a truly ugly new theme to illustrate what’s (technically) possible. I like to think my code is beautiful, so my lame attempts at graphic design don’t need to be!


    looking forward to the release

    This will be very nice, especially the suphp.

    Question will suphp be server wide, or will the option of siteworx specific option be available?


    My name is Francisco Azevedo and i’m a php developer. I’m trying to integrate a sitebuilder/cms with interworx. The idea is that a cms administrator could do some simple taks (like manage email accounts and see domain properties) in the cms using interworx as backend.

    To do this i need interworx help. So my question is, are there interworx apis to:

    • add/del/checkstatus/changedetails(quota) of a email account given a domain name?

    • check domain properties like maxbandwith/currentbandwith/quota/currentemailaccounts given a domain name?

    if there are no apis, how difficult is to implement them and are interworx developers interested in such api creation?

    best regards
    Francisco Azevedo

    Tim, this sounds exciting and very positive for InterWorx.


    • New Features [LIST]
    • Hugely expanded capabilities of the XMLRPC API


    I would think this would be a very simple request, but do you think that you could set up to allow the Server Admin to provide a specific URL that the end user will be sent to when they logout of SiteWorx.

    I am currently using a billing system with a special plug in that will log in the customer to their SiteWorx account, but when they logout they are sent to the SiteWorx login screen. Being sent back to their account in the Billing System would be sweet.

    Thanks for the consideration.

    @R-n-R -

    I believe suPHP will be configurable per account - but that’s Paul’s baby, so I’m not 100%. I’ll see if I can get him to stick his head in here later today.

    I logged your request in our feature request system.


    There are currently APIs for adding, deleting, and editing SiteWorx accounts (in the next release). The current release is able to add and delete accounts, I believe. We’re still ironing out the details of the “getter” functions - APIs to just retrieve data about an account like you’re asking, but that’s coming as well.


    Yep, suPHP will be per-siteworx account.


    I really love the specs of this release and can hardly wait for it to be released.
    Can any one tell me when this new version with will be released?

    [QUOTE=du-llens;15977]I really love the specs of this release and can hardly wait for it to be released.
    Can any one tell me when this new version with will be released?[/QUOTE]

    When it’s done of course :smiley:

    Not that it matters a whole lot one way or the other, but this new version…will it be a 3.X version or considered a 4.0?

    You know, we’re not sure! The “working” release number is 3.1.0, but sometimes we wax philosophical about bumping to 4 :slight_smile:

    I think if you added cool Javascript stuff and AJAX that alone would be wroth bumping it up to a 4.x :slight_smile:

    Sad that I’m looking forward to this release as much as video game releases :smiley:

    will APF firewall be up dated in this version ?

    is there a rough date when new version will be released ?
    Thank you

    I believe it has been, bear, but I’ll leave it to Paul for a definitive answer.

    I can say that we’ve updated the structure of the InterWorx rpm significantly, and separated several packages that were previously integrated. This will make updating individual components less of a hassle.

    We really don’t have a release date, though we’re getting closer!


    A simple idea. How about the automatic ability to allow Webmail access either by but ALSO by a subdomain like

    Reason I am asking for this is some of my customers are asking to keep their web mail on the InterWorx server and their A records for their web site is on another server.

    Then in their Controlling DNS Zone all that would need to be done is add and the associated IP address.

    Yes there are other ways of doing this but this would help streamline things using their domain name.

    Thanks for the consideration.

    I have another request that would be EXTREMELY helpful trying to find a site in Shell Account Management Page.

    How about a Search Feature?

    One request I get a lot is a way to view stats publicly, or with an easy to remember url. Another request is the ability to see awstats in a monthly view (all stats together) instead of by day.