New forum setup

Sorry to say i really don’t like this new forum setup, its not very user friendly and you just cannot see new content easily. Hence why i don’t bother visiting much now. Clicking latest takes you to very old content,.

Apart from the spam on the old forum setup i thought it worked well and was easy to see new content.

Hi Bear

I hope your keeping well in these strange times…

I never thought about latest showing what appears to be old content.

After thinking about this I realise that it is working correctly but not in the way expected.

The reason for old posts appearing in Latest is because a new user has posted spam and I have blocked/deleted them.

I think it just needs a little tweak to show latest post in thread rather then last latest post.

I think the new forum is different but once you use it a few times, it is easy and unfortunately times move on and this is the chosen forum used.

I will let IW-Jenna and IW-joseph know about this thread as it is a very good point

Many thanks and I hope that helps a little


Yes not to worry to much but seams a backwards step, reminds me of the old discussion boards when they first came out.
much prefer more modern traditional forum setups that you can see new topics/replies in forum category’s.
will go with the flow though :innocent:
at least the spam has stopped, one of my pet hates

Stay safe


Unfortunately VBulletin had a lot of security exploits, which is why it got hacked twice in as many weeks. :frowning: There was also a lot of repeated behind the scenes issues regarding database corruptions and such, which is why we switched systems. Like everything, it’ll just take some getting used to, though I understand frustrations with new interfaces.

Like John said, the reason old posts show up as “latest” is because they were bumped. And the reason it looks like nothing changed on those posts is that bump just also happened to be spam, so the “update” was hidden from public view.

I did some googling to see if there is a way to automatically remove a topic from ‘latest’ if the bump is deleted/made hidden, or if there is a way to maybe have per-user custom layouts of some type so users, like yourself, could see the forum looking more like a traditional forum, but not seeing much so far. Joseph is the Discourse Master, though, so he would know more about the ins and outs than I do.

(Personally, I had the hardest time finding new posts in the old system, which is one of the reasons I, unfortunately, didn’t interact as much as I should have. I always had to click every single topic to check for new posts. And then half would be an old post was bumped with spam. So I really like that any posts that are added or updated are all in one place, now, but again, I can see how it may also be confusing when it doesn’t look like anything changed).

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Yes i agree VBulletin is a security risk, been there before with that one.
I manage invision community forums and have always found them good

Thank you both for your replies, i am sure i will get used to the new set.

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Agree. V Bulletin is Good But have many issues. But this is Awesome. I like the new one.

Hey @bear,

There is a feature on the forum that we just discovered that allows us to “unbump” posts that have been bumped due to spam. Until we can find some way to automatically do so, we’ll try to keep the backscatter down by resetting the bump date for posts that have been bumped due to spam.

Thanks for the suggestion.

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Hi All

Thanks @iworx-brandon and @bear. I did not even think about the posts getting bumped by spam posts. I have since gone through the more recent posts that have had spam bumps and used the “reset bump date”. Like Brandon said we will use this tool whenever a post is deleted. If there is anything else that is causing anyone to dislike the new forum please let us know. Chances are there will be a way to fix it.

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Great job, all looks a lot better.
i generally use the latest post option on most forums. so all good :grinning:
thank you