New install on Fedora 4


I was reading some of the posts (some which were a bit old) that said PHP 5 was not officially supported. Is it currently supported with the release of FC4 (PHP 5.0.4 & MySQL 4.1)? That’s a “must-have” feature for my apps.

Will a fresh install of Iworx utilize those “stock” FC4 rpm’s? If not, are there any features/modules which are “de-activated” compared to the “stock” versions?

I noticed in the Iworx FC4 repository that there was only PHP 4.3…

Also, externally-hosted DNS does work with Iworx, correct?


A fresh install will use the stock php/mysql if the stock version is greater than 4.3.11 (which FC4 is). When we say that we don’t support it we mean that we don’t provide php5 rpms for those distros that don’t support it by default.

And externally hosted dns is fine, it just bypasses iworx-cp’s own dns system.


Iworx installs its own RPMs for PHP. They do have experimental RPMs for PHP 5 which should work fine, but are not offically supported by Iworx. So if something break with PHP 5 you are gonna be on your own.

Since Iworx uses its own instance of PHP (and mysql, apache) you will not have to worry about breaking anything with Iworx by upgrading to PHP 5.


Thanks. I’ll be in contact next week for a purchase.